Assisted (IVF) Book

Most couples try the assisted route after trying for over a year or more naturally. Some couples who have medical conditions or in same sex marriages will opt for this route first. There is a set route of fertility treatment in western medicine that doesn’t change much from clinic to clinic, see figure 11. It starts off with trying for over a year before you can see your doctor. Once an appointment is achieved, the doctor will test a woman’s basic hormone levels, whilst the man will have his sperm analyzed. Western medicine is great for tests, but won’t test for everything.

You expect when you visit your doctor for them to test everything they can in order to whittle the possible causes down to a few options. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Most often they will perform a small selection of tests hoping to find something. If they don’t find anything, then they tend to either say “keep on trying” or suggest taking clomid. If this fails after several cycles of trying, IUI might be recommended, although seldom is. Most couples are advised to try IVF. If a woman has low AMH levels, which are seldom checked initially, then a donor cycle will be recommended.

If you are thinking of going down the assisted route, you should look to prep your body for at least 3 months beforehand. Research has shown that a combination of acupuncture and herbs taken for 3 months prior to starting an in vitro fertilisation (IVF) cycle significantly increases the pregnancy rate.

If you cannot get access to Chinese herbs and only acupuncture, research has shown you should have at least 9 sessions of acupuncture before the embryo transfer. Improving your diet and lifestyle will greatly contribute to your success.