Conceiving Naturally Fertility Book

If you’re looking to read this book then you’ve most likely tried the natural route but yet to no avail. We all want the natural route to work and find it hard to believe when it doesn’t. It’s like our bodies have forsaken us at a point in our lives when we are emotionally ready to have a child. This is where couples and most often the woman, start to project manage their fertility treatment and decide what to do next.

The knowledge within this book can greatly increase your chances of having a baby naturally, if that’s where you are on your fertility journey at the moment. Read through Chapters 1-5. These will help you understand your body, your menstrual cycle, when to try and what you can do to greatly enhance your fertility. For some couples this will be enough. Others will need a helping hand with acupuncture and Chinese herbs and some will need more help with IVF. You can also get additional support from the book’s website myfertilitymanual,com, where we host a range of fertility forums for women to make fertility friends and grow their support network.

The length of time couples take to try naturally varies. For some it’s several months and for others it’s years. It’s a personal choice. Until you fall pregnant, it can often feel like the rest of your life is on hold, with holidays, weddings, etc delayed until pregnancy is achieved. This focus and pressure can negatively affect fertility by causing frustration, which can make the menstrual cycle longer and impact the normal balance of hormones.

After some time of trying, couples can often make rash decisions to jump to IVF in an effort to finish the process and get back to their normal lives. IVF offers a ‘process’, a start and an end with a projected success rate. It’s this that allures most couples into it as trying naturally can be an open ended process. Due to the side effects of IVF, it should only be used as a last resort and not before when feelings of frustration get the better of you.