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Fertility Expert - Dr (TCM) Attilio D'Alberto

Dr (TCM) Attilio D'AlbertoI’ve been practising for over a decade treating many different and complex types of infertility. In this time, I’ve seen all types of problems from those in their early twenties through to those in their late forties. I’ve gleamed information from thousands of people who have undergone assisted infertility treatment and learnt from their stories of the different protocols used in various infertility clinics around the world.

My studies into acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine started a long time ago, in a five year, full time degree program with Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. Since graduating I’ve had articles published in medical journals and healthcare magazines in three different languages. In 2006 I created the online journal for practitioners titled Chinese Medicine Times, which has been very successful with a worldwide subscription of over 20,000 people. I’ve gone on to learn from some of the best acupuncturists in the world and now coach and advise other Chinese medicine practitioners. I also come from a family of Chinese medicine practitioners; my mother and brother both practice Chinese medicine and have their own clinics in the UK.

Before Chinese medicine, I’ve been a great follower of awareness and self-discovery. This has taken me on many self-discovery trips to India, East Asia and South America. This has continued until the present day. I believe that facing our problems is the greatest thing we can do. It empowers us, sets us free from our fears and gives us greater awareness of our lives. And with this greater awareness we can make better decisions about how we work, eat and live.